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Wagner Bazarin Art Gallery was established in 1998 by Wagner Bazarin to represent leading International artists.

Now in its fourth year, Wagner Bazarin Art Gallery still enjoys the recognition as one of the most respected contemporary art galleries of the world.

The objective of Wagner Bazarin Art Gallery is to present data, images, and information concerning fine art, in the service of both artists and the general public, to foster research, exposure, understanding and awareness of the art in the world. The diverse cultural perspectives of a many-peopled society are presented in the gallery by its artists and organizations.

Artists and their artwork are listed in the page: The Artists.

The gallery brings also information about exhibitions, art events, and arts news in the
  Art Events page.

Wagner Bazarin Art Gallery provides a centralized reference resource devoted exclusively to the fine arts, with additional information and new links added each day. The site welcomes and assists visitors, collectors, dealers, curators, artists, writers and art lovers around the world. 
The Art Search Engine help visitors to access +100,000 art sites..

Contacts and information on how to submit your artwork to the gallery could be found in the Contacts & Information section.


Please send your request to include in this site your:  link, resource, artwork, or gallery. 
All artworks like: oil on canvas, watercolor, sculpture, ink, decorative art, pencil, charcoal art, fine graphic, temper, drawing, photography, portraits, print, mixed, or artistic photo; will be welcome from all artist.
You can ask to include your: exhibition, auction, collection display, exposition, art magazine, preferred museum, personal painting show, self portrait, vernissage, virtual gallery, watercolors limited edition, artistic work, or artistic technique; in the arts & people events.


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